Often described as one of the “black arts”, Business Rates are undoubtedly one of the most complex of the UK taxes on property and certainly one of the most significant costs facing an occupier of any commercial property.

Rates are a tax on occupation, but nowadays business rates are payable whether a property is fully occupied, under-utilised, or even completely vacant (albeit usually after a short period of exemption).

Whilst rates liabilities have become increasingly difficult to calculate accurately, in simple terms, the amount of rates that a company pays ultimately depends on the level of the Rateable Value of their property. This is set by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) in England and Wales or by the Assessors Department in Scotland and the Rateable Value of any property is an estimate of the rental value of that property at a set valuation date.

Ashwell Rogers was founded in 1996 but our rating experience runs right back to the 1973 Rating List. Under every Rating List since then we have successfully achieved significant rates savings for clients by providing professional advice and undertaking rating appeals on a variety of different types of property, including high street and out-of-town retail outlets throughout the UK, restaurants and hotels, car dealerships, golf courses, warehouses and central London offices.

Rating Revaluations generally occur every 5 years with the current Rating List from 1st April 2017, but a new Rating List is due to come into effect on 1st April 2023.

Drawing on our experience and knowledge, we can make sense of the conundrum that is called Rating and assist in mitigating or reducing rate liabilities, where appropriate. At Ashwell Rogers, we undertake to provide sound professional advice at reasonable cost.

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For more information on how Ashwell Rogers can help you, whether it is making an appeal, checking a rate demand, or advising you about empty rates relief, please get in touch with Roger Dunlop who is an experienced Rating Surveyor and a member of the Rating Surveyors Association.


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